Hill Country Nazarene

Let's enjoy the annular eclipse together at the workday!

Let's Get Ready to Work!

Tomorrow's our All-Church Workday from 10am to 4pm! Click below to see the list of projects that need done, and see which might need your special effort or expertise. Bring your tools for specialized projects!

Bring Your Solar Glasses and a Salad to Share!

Tomorrow's annular eclipse starts around 10:24am and ends about 1:33pm. We obviously don't have time to watch the whole thing, but the "ring of fire," where all of the moon is in front of the sun, will be from 11:52-11:56am. Bring your solar glasses and let's observe this awesome event together. Isn't God's creation amazing?

Also, remember to bring a salad or other vegetable-type side dish to complement the provided pizza and drinks tomorrow. Let's get some work done!
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