Here is a list of things we would like to get accomplished at our October 14 workday.

–Lighting: Mike & Wade – replace bulbs
General Cleaning:
–Clean scuff marks off the wood doors
–Clean the window blinds
–Scrub carpet stains
Special Projects requiring tools and expertise:
–TV stand for the classroom left of stage purchased and installed
–Upstairs urinal doesn’t flush – fix or replace
–Weather-stripping on front glass doors – replace or reposition; also adjust the door so it will close more easily.
–Organize and inventory custodial and supply closet
–Nursery toys sanitized
–Nursery floor transition piece placed back or replaced
–Touch-up paint of the green and brown
Kitchen: Appliances
Special Projects requiring tools and expertise:
–Dishwasher will not drain
–Left Microwave not heating food
–Right door handle of refrigerator coming loose
Kitchen: Cabinets
–Cabinet insides cleaned and contact paper laid (Danette has started this project)
–Label what belongs to the church

Church Office:
–Organize supplies and clear away clutter
–Organize all of the cores and things in the corner of the office for our networking, etc.
Pastor’s Office:
–Relocate metal file folder with old church records and place them with the others upstairs
–Fresh coat of paint on the walls
–Help rearrange the furniture in the office
While most of our work will be inside the church, we have some folks who are willing to get things done outside; they’ll need help.
–Pressure wash front of church
–Pressure wash steeple
–Replace parking lot security lights
–Cut dead branches off regrowing Mountain Laurels in parking lot flower beds
–Trim or dig up all “plants” growing around tree trunks that are not trees (easily mistaken for poison ivy) in the front and back (around mowed areas only)
–Pick up trash on property