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Douglas & Jennifer Mann

We, The Mann Clan, currently live in “Switzermany”, the name we give to our village of Busingen, Germany that is enclaved in the country of Switzerland! Whilst Doug is from the East Coast of the USA and Jen from Scotland, our story has come full circle. We met in Germany at a Youth Conference in December of 2001 when Doug was serving as a missionary in Romania and Jen was studying nursing at Nottingham University, England. We were married in July of 2003 in Salisbury, England. In October of 2006, our son Jonathan Edward was born in Lima, Peru. In October of 2008, our daughter Sarah Elizabeth was born in London, England. Then in December of 2010, our little surprise was born, James William, in Prishtina, Kosovo. Yes, we are a truly international family with 10 passports between the five of us. 

In our 20 years of missions work, we have lived in Bucharest, Romania; Lima, Peru; Tirana, Albania; Prishtina, Kosovo; Sofia, Bulgaria and now Busingen, Germany.  We speak some degree of many languages, and now we are working on German. Our work in missions has been varied, fun and challenging! There’s been Youth Ministries, Compassionate ministries, Child Sponsorship, Jesus Film, Field Administration, Finance, District Leadership, Leadership Development, District Development, Friendship Evangelism, and Work and Witness team hosting to name a few.  With the different experiences and learning, God has been preparing us for our current roles in the Regional Office! Doug now works in the Finance office and Jen in Personnel Coordination. These are fun roles for us as we can support the missions work and missionary colleagues across Europe and Asia!

We also enjoy being heavily engaged in ministry through the local church in Schaffhausen, Switerland. In April 2019, Doug became the lead pastor of this international congregation and we are excited about the possibilities for ministry that this opportunity opens up!

As we follow God’s call on their lives, we are truly thankful and encouraged to know that we serve with the support, prayers and missions engagement of our church family across the globe. Thank you for your part of God’s mission in Eurasia!

Special Dates

  • Doug – October 26th. He will be old. 
  • Jen – February 11th. I will not be old.
  • Jonathan – October 27th. He will be 16.
  • Sarah – October 19th. She will be 14.
  • James – December 4th. He will be 12.
  • Doug & Jen Wedding- July 20, 2003.        

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