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God's Valentine to Us

I hope you all had a good Valentine celebration with family and/or friends. It is always a good thing to celebrate loving relationships. I encourage you to read I John 3:1-3. It is like a valentine card from God to each of us. We are reminded of the love that God lavishes on us. Check it out and remember: God Loves YOU!

This Sunday I will be preaching from Matthew's gospel, where Jesus tells us that when we serve Him, our life is like a light in a dark world. Invite someone to come and worship with you this coming Sunday.

Dr. Jim Russom

Office Hours: Th 9a-2p
719-331-0169 cell

We Care Team

Andrea Cavazos has volunteered to head up our We Care Team. She and Pastor Jim will be talking about how you too can help us care for one another. In the meantime, if you hear of someone being ill, having a rough time, or any other special needs, please let Andrea know (512-296-9459). She will make contact with the person or family, and Pastor will follow-up as well.

Weekly Bible Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 7PM
Join us as we continue a study about Angels; ask Dennis Davison
for more info at

What is a Church Board Member?

Our church statistical year comes closes the end of February. We will take a look at our past year, celebrate our victories and set goals for the coming year. Our leaders will give ministry reports, we will share the budget, and we will elect a board for the 2024-25 church year. We will elect men and women who are saved, sanctified, demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, and meet both Church Manual and biblical qualifications for church leaders. Be praying now that God will guide us. More information to come over the next few weeks.

Nazarene Missions International Update

This is info from our South Texas District office. The links didn't work, but you can type them into your browser to get the information.
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